100% Natural

Backed By Science

Quick Relief

FDA 510K Cleared

Lightweight & Comfortable

No Side Effects

Discover pain free periods

discover pain free periods

How Luvas Works

1. Apply...

2. Turn On...

3. Feel Relief!

Here's what Others Are Saying

“I absolutely love Luvas. I use it for relief when I'm having severe menstrual cramps. I look forward to using it each month. Highly recommend.”


“This is a great tool! I no longer deal with unbearable period pain. Luvas has surely improved my quality of life. Well worth the price."


“My best friend and I both have one! While using this, we don't feel any pain.  Its soft, comfortable, and easy to use. No complaints.”



How does Luvas work?

Luvas uses pulse technology to stimulate nerves to keep them busy. Keeping the nerves stimulated prevents pain signals from reaching the brain and being felt.

How does Luvas feel?

Wonderful! You will feel gentle vibrations however, you can adjust the mode & intensity using the remote control.

Is Luvas safe to use?

Absolutely! Luvas has been tested and is cleared by the FDA and the European CE-Mark, meeting strict international standards. There are no known side effects from Luvas. The user manual carefully outlines proper use.

What's included with the Luvas device?

Your Luvas device comes with a remote control (battery included),  a USB charger, & a 3 month supply of Luvas gel pads. 

What if Luvas does not work for me?

At Luvas, we take pride in our products and our customer results. We are so confident in the effectiveness, that we offer a 90 day money back guarantee. If for any reason Luvas does not provide the type of pain relief you were expecting, you may return it for a refund at any time within 90 days of delivery.